Timecode to EXR

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We are rendering an EXR sequence based on a tracking recording.
Input 4 is set to Timecode master (that's also where the playback clip is for).

However, the generated EXR sequence does not encode any timecode we render out of sequencer.
We need the source timecode in the EXR sequence. EXR can carry timecode in the meta data.
Is there a way to activate storing timecode into the EXR sequence output?

We tried Use Master TC in the Video Recorder node, but that just ends up overwriting the same EXR frame over and over.


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Hi Jim,

When using Use Master TC in the video recorder or a Timecode connected to the Video Recorder, it should save the timecode into the EXR file's metadata.

There is currently a bug when recording in non-realtime and using Master Timecode. Probably that is why you get the same EXR frame being overwritten. To circumvent this bug, you could open up the camera compound and transmit the video's timecode to the recorder. Similar to this:

Warmest regards,