Exposing resolution setting of video clips for playback control for MixedCam 3+3 compound

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Would it be possible to expose the control for the resolution setting for each video clip for the recorded data?
We need that to switch between 1/16 and full debayer easily. If we modify the compounds for this ourselves, every time Aximmetry updates something we will have to redo the whole node graph and wire it up all over again.

A Colorspace property for each clip would also be helpful sometimes.


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Hi Jim,

Note, that Aximmetry is mostly used for live production. But we added this to our request list and we will consider adding it in future releases.

Until that you could put all the effects within the camera compound into a linked compound, so you would only need to add the linked compound each the camera compound gets modified in an update.
The linked compound could be used in several other projects:

Warmest regards,