What is the diference between Licence SE an DE?

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Hello, Some know what is the diference between licences type SE and Licences type DE? 

What is the best for begginer ?? I would like work a virtual set whit unreal engine. 




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8/4/2022 6:11:32 PM

DE works with Unreal Engine, SE does not.

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8/14/2022 8:01:02 PM


Aximmetry SE stands for Single Engine. This edition of Aximmetry supports only Aximmetry's native engine.

Aximmetry DE stands for Dual Engine. This edition of Aximmetry supports both Aximmetry's native engine and Unreal Engine. This allows the user to use either of the engines, and in some cases like Augmented Reality, use them simultaneously.

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