How to add Glassmark II with lonet2 server in Aximmetry's device mapper?

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Hi, I have a Glassmark II and try to use it as a zoom encoder in Aximmetry Composer and Calibrator. 

The lonet2 server is running on the same PC which Axi composer is installed and lonet2 server recognizes the Glassmark hardware.

In device mapper I added the channels but the zoom value in Axi Calibrator does not change. 

I can not find the documents on the setup workflow on lonet2, and would like to know the correct procedure. I appreciate any help or advice.   


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8/4/2022 12:45:20 PM


From the screenshots you sent, I think your settings are set correctly. Though, can you directly try selecting the appropriate channel instaed of the mapped device in the Zoom Device section?

It should look like this: 

Also, please make sure to turn off the firewall as it might interfere with the LONET2 connection.

This should be the documentation you are looking for:

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8/9/2022 1:36:49 PM

Hi Ahmed, 

I haven't tweeked on firewall settings yet. The UI does not show lonet2: as you show in the picture. I will check it soon and update. Thank you for commenting.