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Hello. Is there any information on the modules that are used in the flow editor? Something like help for each module, how it is used and what it does?


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7/27/2022 6:04:10 AM

Follow on that.
A mindmap with short description can be great.

Something like this:

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8/10/2022 4:35:06 PM

Hi Charlie,

In the content creators documentation, many of the modules are covered:

Also, some of the modules are documented inside Aximmetry.
For that you need to show the info panel:

Like here the Info panel shows the tooltip information of the out pin of the Copy Video module:

Also, you see all the tooltips related to a module using the Help On Item option (or pressing CTRL+F1) when a module is selected and it has info tooltips:

In the case of Copy Video, this is the Help On Item's result:

Nevertheless, we are working on better documentation every day. And there will be substantial changes in the documentation in the near future.

Warmest regards,