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Hi, I want to use this plugin GitHub - rdeioris/glTFRuntime: Unreal Engine 4 Plugin for loading glTF files at runtime in Unreal-Aximetry project. This plugin allows to load meshes at runtime. The plugin is working fine in standard Unreal 4.27. c++ project. I have Aximetry DE 4.27. I copied the plugin to marketplace folder and installed it in Unreal-Aximetry.  When I create new project and enable the plugin. Unreal-Aximetry asks me to restart. After restart I get a massage: 
The following modules are missing or build with a different engine version:
Engine modules cannot be compiled at runtime. Please build through your IDE. 


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8/10/2022 4:47:00 PM

Hi Stefan,

We managed to install the plugin and enable it by building the plugin from the sources like it is described here:
If you want to build from sources, just start with a C++ project, and clone the master branch into the Plugins/ directory of your project, regenerate the solution files and rebuild the project.

It is enough if you just download the Source code (zip) from here:
And then copy it to a new C++ project's Plugin directory (you need to create that directory). And then: Open a project folder and right click on .uproject file. In dropdown menu choose Generate Visual Studio project files. After done, click on .sln and start VS. In VS in a Solution Explorer, right click on folder of your project and choose Rebuild.
After this, you can copy the plugin from the Plugin folder of the C++ project to Epic Unreal's Marketplace folder. And then open Unreal for Aximmetry and run plugin install.

Otherwise, buying the plugin on the marketplace should also work.

Warmest regards,