How to set the bit rate when streaming with RTMP?

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I use the node [video out config] to push streams

However, if the output bit rate is too large, it will cause serious delay and jamming.

Is there any way to limit the bit rate of video streaming


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we will be releasing a new guide about streaming very soon. 

You need to lower the Quality of your stream using the Quality slider.

This slider is responsible for setting the bitrate of the stream. It goes from 0 to 100: 0 representing the minimum bitrate value and 100 the maximum bitrate value possible for the respective resolution+framerate combination (please send an email to, and we will send you a list with these combinations for each platform as they are service dependant).

For a certain resolution and framerate combination, let's assume the bitrate range is [Min,Max] and the quality slider value is Q. The bitrate value B is calculated using this formula:  

B = Min + (Max-Min) x (Q/100)

For example, for 2160p30 the maximum bitrate value is 51 Mbits/s, while the minimum is 20 Mbits/s. That means that we can set the bitrate in the [20,51] range. If we set the Quality slider to 50, the bitrate is then calculated this way:

B = 20 + (51-20) x (50/100) = 35.5 Mbits/s

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