[BUG] Depth Of Field GW does not respect Alpha

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Hi there.

In a mixed render setup (Axy native & UE) I was trying to roughly match the DOF in AXY to the one in UE.

So inside the Render_General Compound I found the (disabled) Depth Of Field GW and thought I'd give it a go.

Two issues though... first of the Transparency of the incoming image is destroyed:

(Original on the left, after DOF on the right)
Just copying the Alpha back in wouldn't cut the mustard, since there's no blur on the original Alpha.
So one would probably have to split Alpha out, apply the same DOF to it and copy it back in.

However, the DOF doesn't even remotely match what I see in the UE render.

Cheers & all the best.



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6/29/2022 2:12:55 PM

Quick fix like so: