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Hi Uncle @Aximmetry, , is it possible to run Aximmetry with DDR5 RAM? Can it give us better performance ? I know that aximmetry mostly relies on higher single core CPU frequency and GPU horsepower but we are thinking in to building a PC with DDR5 RAM, thank you.

We are using a professional edition of Aximmetry DE 


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6/24/2022 9:43:42 AM


Having faster memory is always a plus, though you are not going to notice any significant increase in performance cause Aximmetry DE is mostly reliant on CPU and GPU performance as you mentioned. We are constantly working on improving the stability and the optimization of Aximmetry, and having more and faster memory definitely helps Aximmetry and Unreal be more stable. The most benefit you will see will be in compiling and cooking times in Unreal. Especially Alder Lake systems, utilize DDR5 really well.

To conclude, If getting DDR5 memory is within your budget, then we recommend going for that for future-proofing your machine. Though, it is not by any means a necessity to get the best out of Aximmetry.

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6/24/2022 9:51:00 AM


Yes, you can run Aximmetry with DDR5 computer memory.
When buying, be careful that your motherboard is compatible with DDR5. Your motherboard is either compatible with DDR4 or DDR5. But it can not be compatible with both.

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