[Feature Request] Dynamically set length of Part in Sequencer

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Imagine some Camera Intro/Outro animation in the Sequencer.
Let's say the duration of the part containing the Animation is 17 seconds.

Now I want to try out different intro music tracks, varying in length somewhere between 15 and 23 seconds.

Since we can find the duration of the audio file in the player,
it would be awesome if there was a method to adjust the length of the sequencer part accordingly.

Or is this something that could already be achieved by scripting?

Cheers & all the best.



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6/29/2022 4:46:30 PM

Hi Eric,

There is no method to dynamically resize the sequencer's part(s) length.

However, you can do the following instead:
You can change the speed of the Sequencer based on the video's length and the Sequence's length.
In this screenshot, the Loop End is used as the Sequence's length (they are usually at the same position):

Warmest regards,

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6/30/2022 5:24:12 AM

Hi @Eifert.

Another brilliant solution! Thanks!