Audio out has static

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I am putting audio out through 1/8" jack out of PC. It then goes into an X32 audio board. For some reason the audio quality is not good at all. Lots of static. 

I should mention that the Audio out is just for rendered videos that are playing through Aximmetry.

Does processor load in Aximmetry affect audio out playback? My project does not include Unreal Engine at all. I was having tons of frame dropping issues when my project was 1080p 30FPS. Frames would drop to 15 fps. So I made my project 1080p 60FPS, and that seems to have solved my problem. The frames still drop but they drop to 30FPS minimum and is not noticed on the output at all. However I think this could be affecting my audio output.

My project is pretty much just lower thirds, with live data coming in via JSON files, and some video overlays.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas why this is happening?



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5/20/2022 9:40:25 AM


What is the hardware config you are using?

Are you load meters overloaded when the FPS drop happens? If yes, is it the CPU or GPU meter?

Is the static happening all the time or it starts at a particular time?

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