unreal coordinate value (0.0.0) -> eximetry coordinate value (?.?.?)

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No matter where you place the imported billboard actor into unreal, it always seems to show the same (0,0,0) location in eximetry.

When I tried to move the camera in eximetry, I couldn't move it to the desired position no matter what property values were changed.

I want to know how to move which camera in which editor


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5/20/2022 4:03:08 PM


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5/23/2022 8:54:18 AM

Hi TMment,

Can you describe how you moved the camera and billboard?

And please follow closely our documentation on Aximmetry DE here: https://aximmetry.com/learn/tutorials/for-aximmetry-de-users/introduction-to-for-aximmetry-de-users/
Once you added the Aximmetry Camera actor in Unreal and cooked it. You should be able to control the billboard and camera location in Aximmetry.

Warmest regards,