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Hello everyone, im using studio SE and wanted to do some AR but im not able to have shadows on my 3D models, i couldnt find any good documentation on how to use Aximmetry SE, and how the parent/child arragment should be to make transparent shadows work. I looked up the AR_Example but is hard for me to understand exactly. Would be nice to have a documented example on how to achieve this for AR using the SE engine. 

Thanks, I will keep on looking up examples


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5/13/2022 9:01:03 AM


There are 2 main ways to get shadows on 3d objects.
The method that we recommend is to use baked lighting in your scene. Using this method you can achieve the best visual and performance results. This can not be used with moving objects. For this, you can use our PBR_IBL_Norm_Light.xshad shader.
The second is to use dynamic lights, this is heavier on performance however, this can be used for moving objects too. Most of Aximmetry's shaders work with dynamic light as well.

If you wish to have shadows on the real-world ground as well, you can use our Trans_ShadowOnly.xshad shader which is a shadow catcher.
You can put it on any object, we suggest that you use a rectangle for the floor. For this to work at least 1 dynamic light is necessary.
You can read more about importing 3d models here:
These videos are generally for virtual studios but most of the workflow applies to AR as well.

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