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Good afternoon. When installing the program, a Common Library installation error occurs. I installed applications without additions and manually downloaded the library Common_Library_2022.2.1.xpack, but when the installer is launched, the error is repeated. Apparently the problem with the installer of additions.

Windows 10 21H2


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5/11/2022 4:05:18 PM

Hi Duum,

Please make sure you first run Aximmetry Composer (Aximmetry.Composer.exe) at least once before installing an xpack.

If it is still not working, does reinstall Aximmetry with libraries fixes the error? And can you use the installer after that?
And if not, what is the error message at the installation of libraries when running the Aximmetry installer.

Warmest regards,

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5/12/2022 9:52:53 AM

I launched and activated Aximmetry Composer. Xpack still gives an error.

Reinstalled and chose the installation of additional packages. Errors on screenshots when trying to install additions.