Only one active Animation per time

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I have simple setup as the following:

1-We have 4 3D objects with text in simple 3D scene

2-Every objects have been animated with Sequence Node and InLoopOut_Sequencer compound

3-We created Control Board and Pin Collector to toggle animation

4-we need to have only one animation per time shown so if we activated one animation it force other animations to out animation

How to do something like that?

3/4/2020 ahmed ahmed

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I suggest using not 4 individual logical buttons, but one button group providing an integer between 0 - 3.

Please substitute Anim1, Anim2, etc. with the proper names you want to see on the buttons.
You'll get a button group like this;

Then you have to use a series of Equal modules to activate the animations based on the current button index:

Each Equal module compares the current index to 0, 1, 2 and 3.



and so on.

This way you will only have one active animation at any time.