Multi-Machine playback/overlay-test-input: can't play smoothly, network isn't bottlenecking

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Hi folks, 

So i ran into this: recorded content to later be re-played and recorded in virtual, so our humans on green screen, and some usual content in virtual with virtual screens.

Using all the same setup as the original recordings, but setting the files in the overlay tab, switching on the "test" buttons so the billboards show the playback files, but playback on the remote machines is stuttering, stalling, and then getting errors/offlining of the render node.

the original files are prores LT 1080. 

My first suspicion was the network,

-the files are hosted on the controller machine for all systems. 

-The host system has a 10gbe NIC, the remote systems have 1gbe, they are connected via a 10gbe switch.

-The direct file copy speeds were odd(under 100, all over the place), so i switched back to a 1gbe port on the host system, and the speed was normal (100+mb/s) But still playback is not good. However, playing back the file in windows over the network is smooth.

-Monitoring the network on all 3 systems, it's not hitting full saturation, there's 1gbe of bandwidth, which is fully used if i do a file copy, but only around half is used during aximmetry playback.

-The one thing that corrected the issue, was to transcode the files down to h.264 50mbit files. that works, but isn't ideal to maintain the best quality.

Hoping there's something I'm missing, or if someone might have a clue about network setup/expectations that i might have wrong.

   Darren Levine

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Darren Levine
5/5/2022 9:57:27 PM

Should have also mentioned: how do you host playback files on each render machine locally, to avoid this issue altogether?

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5/13/2022 10:30:39 AM

Hi Darren,

If you are using HDD to store the video that could bottleneck the read speed of the video file, especially if it is being read by multiple machines.

You could turn on buffered in the video player module to see if that helps:

If it still stalling, are you recording the replay, and if so is the video recorder in real-time frame rate? And do the errors/offlining with multi-machine setup happen without videos?

Warmest regards,