Tracking data lost when replacing clip with in-camera recorded clip

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1) Record a track with a video (genlocked and timecoded) from a moving camera (also record R3D in camera) as WMV

2) Change the video to a recorded R3D clip (genlocked and timecoded)

3) Rename xdata file to match the filename of the R3D and put into the same directory as R3D

4) Press play, and go to sequencer to scrub the sequence

Expected Outcome: The 3D camera moves based on the timecode from the R3D clip.

Actual Outcome: The 3D camera never gets updated and stays static.

1. when we output the master timecode it actually matches the R3D's timecode at the current sequence position when scrubbing through the sequence so that's positive. But no tracked camera data gets ever pulled up.
2. The tracked data gets pulled up when using the recorded WMV but not with the R3D even though the filename matches. (after copying/renaming xdata to the correct name, an error about file not found disappeared).


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5/6/2022 2:01:03 PM


The separately recorded video has to have the same timecode as the video recorded with the .xdata file.

Also, note that the Master Time code can not go backward when recording.

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