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We've been trying to fully integrate Aximmetry in our studio's workflow, however even though we are using all the best cameras and shooting in a professional studio, with good illumination, we just cant achieve a clean image when keying. 

I'm attaching a video below that shows input vs keyed video. Is there something we should configure ?

P.s - this video was taken with a Panasonic PTZ 150-AW. Is there any specific camera you'd recommend that works great with Aximmetry ? Or any particular tone of green ?


   Blackfish Studio

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4/25/2022 9:34:24 PM

Its hard to make out, is it on the chair? Maybe the Youtube compression is killing the noise?

Been experiencing alot of noise in the keyed footage today, where Input its not noticed but then on the keyed it is. An idea was that it was purely spill but it seems even in general green areas, there is noise as soon as there is darkness (same darkness in camera, when on Input tab though, does not show the same level of noise, if any). Likely not the same issue as yours..

I noticed you toggling virtual, but likely you already know but that tends to degrade quality and can introduce its own funk.

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4/26/2022 6:11:42 AM

Unfortunately the UE150 is NOT “the best” camera, outrageously expensive as it is. It’s a small sensor camera with subpar optics where most of the money spent goes towards the PTZ functionality and not the image quality. We tested it extensively in our professional broadcast studio and determined that it couldn’t reach sufficient quality.

You have A LOT of green spill on the foreground. This green spill will manifest as noise when it’s removed. It’s almost impossible to get a good key without proper lighting, so that should be the first thing you adjust. A common mistake is to use too much light on the green or the green color being too intense. We learned the hard way that the common “Digital Green” is only suitable for the largest stages. In smaller studios the darker Chroma Green is much better. 

That being said, all is not lost. The existing noise is exaggerated by the  (excellent) spill suppression in Advanced Keyer B, so you could tune the two tuning sliders until the noise is less noticeable and then add the standard Spill Suppressor module after the keyer to get rid of the remaining spill. The easiest way to do this is to edit the keyer compound.

You can also use the Temporal Denoiser to remove noise, but tweak the settings carefully to avoid smudging artifacts.

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4/26/2022 8:29:57 AM

Hi Blackfish Studio,

Before considering what TwentyStudios said (they are all valid points), please try to play/work with the Advanced B keyer's settings. And read carefully our documentation about it here:

The settings you have in the video from the keyer are insufficient to get a reasonable result.
For example, you have the Threshold setting at 0, and that setting is for countering noise...
Also Low and High Cut values can not be that close to each other to achieve a good keying.
Your settings from the video:

Note that all studios are different (different green, lighting, environment...) so there is no good keyer that can work out of the box in all studios. You will have to invest a few hours to learn and master the keyer's settings to get a really good result. Hopefully, our documentation will make that easy.

Warmest regards,