How can I receive NDI input?

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In the Startup Configuration go to Device Mapper and click Manage Devices at the bottom:

Select Video / NDI and click Detect:


In the appearing window you'll see all the NDI sources available on your network. You might have to wait a few seconds until all appear.
Check the ones you want use and Click Add.

The source is added to your Channels.

Click OK again. Aximmetry restarts.
Now you can access the NDI device in the system. For e.g. you can select it within the Device Mapper just like if it were an SDI device:

and also you can specify its video mode:


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11/12/2019 8:44:50 AM

What about community version for NDI connection? Is there any option in community version.

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ahmed ahmed
11/13/2019 6:43:28 AM

You cant receive NDI using community version.

But maybe aximmetry change that in future .

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8/5/2020 3:21:27 AM

How can I connect NDI input to the virtual screen if I doing an interview?

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8/5/2020 4:48:44 AM

Here is a great tutorial for setting up a virtual screen: