Can I transfer my Aximmetry license to another PC?

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Yes, and the allowed number of transfers is unlimited.
If you have an older license it is possible that it is not set to mobile (portable). In this case please contact us at .

The process of transferring is as follows.

First you have to deactivate the license on your current machine.
Two methods are available for that.

Method 1
Start the Composer and enter Help / Deactivate License. Then enter you license key and click Online Deactivation.


Method 2
Go to, find your license and click Manage Activations.

You'll see your machine(s) you activated your license on.  Click Deactivate.

The latter method is more convenient, especially because it does not require access to the original machine.

After that you can activate the license on the other machine.
Start the Composer on that machine, enter Help / Activate License. Enter you license key and click Online Activation.


That's it.


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4/24/2021 9:29:25 PM

method 2 i usually do it, but now i can't do it..
may be anyone knows..??
sorri about my English

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4/30/2021 2:44:25 PM


There was a temporary problem with the site, but it should work by now.

Please let us know if you still experience the issue.  Thank you for reporting!

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Even flow
9/13/2021 4:18:30 AM

hi i am not able to deactivate my license from my system, it says "license is not mobile" i need to deactivate it asap as i have upgraded my system so... please help me

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9/28/2021 2:43:16 PM

Hi Even flow,

We see that you managed to solve the problem. But if the problem still exists, try to deactivate Aximmetry's website.

Warmest regards,