Issues with camera tracking export

Recording in Aximmetry we get the export to an FBX to work but with some issues and I’m wondering if we are doing something wrong. 
1. The camera rotation as well as position is always off when importing the fbx, we have tried both importing it back to Unreal Engine within the same scene used as well as trying it out in Blender and the camera is always in the same (but wrong position). 
2. When recording with Master TC on the FBX file doesn’t record any key frames, the TC is present in the video file so it might be a bug?


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When recording with the Record_3-Audio compound. It will not record (add) the camera transform in the Studio, but will record the transform of Scene and Origin:

Otherwise, it should be in the same position in Unreal. Note that Unreal uses centimeters while Aximmetry uses meters, this shouldn't be a problem however and the dimensions should be automatically converted.

When using Master TC, it could be that the TimeCode's start value is very big like over a million long. This will make the animation have empty frames from 0 until the start of the TimeCode in an animation editor. Which might be hard to notice in the animation editor.

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