I have a question about PTZ Camera Connect

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Hi I'm Shin

Currently, I am trying to use PTZ Camera, but it is not recognized.
Is it possible to use Delta-3g-elp-d80?

Aximmetry uses Broadcast Version.

I have an additional question. Is there an additional setting when you hang the PTZ camera upside down?



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1/21/2022 8:14:07 AM

Hello Shin,

Did you follow our PTZ documentation?

Yes, the Deltacast card is supported.

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1/23/2022 8:48:06 AM

Thank you for the request!

I want to use a shadow.

I followed the manual, but I tried to adjust the menus related to All Virtuals and various shades, but no shadow was created. Is there any additional solution?

Also, is there a workflow for using 4k?

I want to do fps framework of ue4 content.

Can we solve this problem with a sync Generator?


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1/31/2022 11:39:06 AM


Allow Virtuals shouldn't affect the shadows, but Use Billboards has to be turned on. I think we will need more information to find out why the shadows are not shown. Are you using Tracked or Virtual cameras? Is it an Unreal or Aximmetry rendered project? What are your Billboard's settings?

Generally, the workflow with 4k shouldn't be much different than HD. Just be aware that 4k compared to 1080p means 4 times more pixels, which can mean a big increase in the computer's hardware usage.

I am not sure of how you would use fps framework for virtual production. And I am not sure which problem would be solved with a sync Generator.

Warmest regards,

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2/4/2022 4:48:54 AM

I solved the shadow problem.

Thank you.

There must have been additional misinterpretation.

Every time I moved(pan,tilt) the PTZ camera, there was an unstable state in which the frame sometimes fell.

I wonder if it will be solved if Sync Generator is used to catch this part.