Delaying tracking data?

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Does anybody know if it's possible to edit a compound to delay, already tracked Xdata? I'm comping and wondering if I can tighten up my tracking before I record the comp.


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1/20/2022 11:18:36 AM


Yes, it is possible.

First, open the Camera compound with the Edit Compound In-Place option when right-clicking on it:

After entering the Camera compound, find the Input compound you are using and also enter into it:

In that, there will be Line %N compound, enter into it:

From here, you either delay the video or the tracking data.

To delay the video, find the TrkCam_Record and enter into it:

In the compound find the Sequence Video and put a Delayer module on it:

With this module, you will be able to delay the video.

To delay the tracking data, find the Camera Tracking (without entering the TrkCam_Record compound).
You can put a Delay Transformation on the tracking data coming out from it (Cam Transform output pin):

You will probably want to put a Delay module with the same delay value on the Zoom Factor and Focus Distance output pins of the Camera Tracking module.
Note that these delays on the Camera Tracking module will also affect new live production. So if you edit the camera compound like that, you should only use it for post-production.

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1/21/2022 7:17:01 AM

Thank you so much!