Video Sequence / Midi Track?

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is it somehow possible to have a video in a sequence an manually add Midi-events (notes) toit at specific points? 

What I am trying to do is have a pre-edited, longer greenscreensequence (20 min or so) and add camera-switching to it. It would have to be absolutely frame accurate.

This way I want to do the „Post“ in Aximmetry instead of After Effects.

Or is there a way,,that is already implemented for that?

cheers and thanks for this really incredible software.


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1/4/2022 11:27:33 AM


You can almost control anything with the Sequencer, you just need to find the right Sequence module.
If I understand your case correctly, you would want to control a Midi Note Out module with a Sequencer. Here is an example of how to:

In the Sequencer's timeline, you will have to add and change the values of the connected Sequence Integer or the Sequence Scalars.

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