Setting up and calibrate not quite correct

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Hello, I have question regarding setting up and calibrate

Is this look correct? Notice the ruler on the ground, it does move a bit, what could be problems and what could be solutions?

my system is 

- camera : Blackmagic studio 4k pro

- lens : Olympus M.Zuiko 12-40mm f2.8 pro

- Camera tracker using antilatency 

    - position and rotation is from antilatency sensor to Eztrack via free-d

    - Although, I change antilatency sensor to connect to PC directly without Eztrack, I still got the same result 

- Unreal engine 4.26

we try to calibrate but it is so hard.


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You did a great job! Calibration is all about trial and error. It needs time to get it to perfection. Be patient with it, and you will see a great result.