Using Aximmetry to key footage from a second camera while using the first

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We're trying to make it so we can use Aximmetry to key and apply LUT to footage from a second camera while also using the regular cam with Unreal. We don't need to use both cameras with unreal, only the first camera. We simply need to key footage the footage from a second camera and send it over NDI.

I've tried the creating this flow to make it work-

and it is working, but the CPU performance drops really hard (around 95% usage from around 30%) and thus the FPS also drops to 18 fps from 25 fps.

Is there another way to do it without impacting performance as much?


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11/30/2021 6:05:21 PM

We do this all the time with a very low hit to performance. It’s probably a frame rate mismatch or something.

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12/10/2021 4:22:20 PM


This really should not affect your CPU, most of these processes happen on your GPU:

You could try turning off the keyer or set it to a different type to see if it helps. That could give us further clue on what is going wrong:

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