Adding virtual offset on top of the tracked motion : do you need "broadcast" edition ?

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The documentation states the following:

"You can add virtual camera movements on the top of the real camera position. The editing and using the virtual camera paths are exactly the same as with the VirtualCam control boards."

So I've been trying to move the camera away from it's real tracked position to see if that could simulate a bigger "crane move", but I'm not able to do it in the version that I'm testing at the moment.

Is this "user error" or is this only possible in the Broadcast version?

(NB: After some investigation I suspect that's what "Mixing real and virtual camera motion" actually means in the product comparison, not mixing separate tracked cameras and virtual cameras, am I right?).

Thanks for you help/confirmation.




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11/22/2021 8:06:15 AM

Looks like it, unfortunately. If you’re crafty and know your trigonometry you could probably build the function yourself with the included modules. If you succeed you will automatically become the uncrowned king of Aximmetry ;-)

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11/22/2021 4:46:17 PM

This is definitely doable with the modules included in all versions but like @twentystudios said, you would need to build it yourself.

If you really want to make your own i would suggest importing the additional cam motions as either FBX or recording transformations in the sequencer then using math, combining those and outputting that value instead of the original transformation values.

Just take notice of the pivot point of each translation you combine so you don't suddenly notice rotating 1 degree moves the camera up by 20  meters.

Easiest method probs would be to use two cameras where one is the one locked on the original camera motion and projecting the image and the second one is the animated one that is a child of the original camera so you get its transformation.

That way you don't mess up the projection.

Trial & Error basically.

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11/22/2021 7:33:14 PM

Thanks for the feedback.

This seems to mean that I'm not crazy and that by default it's not available in Professional/Studio/Community version, right?

I'll look into workarounds with the mixed camera compound.



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12/6/2021 4:31:17 PM

Hi Eric,

You are able to do this:
"You can add virtual camera movements on the top of the real camera position. The editing and using the virtual camera paths are exactly the same as with the VirtualCam control boards."

You just need to set to Use Billboards and Allow Virtuals:

(if you are using Unreal, Allow Virtuals doesn't need to be turned On)

After this, you should be able to use the Camera VR Path controllers in any tracked camera:

You can even use another tracker to control this by choosing Trk at Camera VR Path.

Sadly, from the camera compound or from our documentation it is not evident that you need to turn on Use Billboards and Allow Virtuals.

And of course, for something more advanced, you can edit the camera compounds.

Warmest regards,