Magewell Input Cards Stuttering

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We are using Magewell Pro Input cards and they work quite well, but after several minutes of capturing video, the input suddenly becomes jerky and stutters. The tracked background movements are fine, and the GPU and CPU values do not change, only the camera inputs are stuttering.

The solution is to close and re-open Aximmetry and the problem is immediately fixed.

Any idea what could be causing this?



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11/24/2021 4:49:26 PM


More information on your setup could help us a lot in finding the problem.
Which exact card Magewell Pro card type are you using? Does this happen with only one card or with other cards too?
What are the card's input source, resolution, and frame rate? Are you using genlock?
A video of the actual "jerky and stutters" phenomenon could also help a lot.

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