Rendering a scene from multiple camera angles at the same time - when?

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Dear Aximmetry Developers,

In one of your earlier forum posts you have stated the following:

Unfortunately at the moment you cannot render the scene from multiple camera angles at the same time.  In the future we'll add this feature.

Can you give any estimation when such a feature would become available?

   Jari Pekki

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11/24/2021 4:49:49 PM

Hi Jari,

We are sorry but we can not yet give an estimation of when such a feature would become available.
But, we have it on our task list and we are actively working on getting there.
If this is critical to your setup, we suggest using a multi-machine setup:
Also, with projects rendered by Aximmetry, there are no such limitations.

Warmest regards,

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Jari Pekki
11/24/2021 7:39:57 PM

Hello Eifert,

Thank you very much for your reply. Greatly appreciated.

We had actually decided to use three Aximmetry PCs, with two fixed cameras and one PTZ. It is just that it would be practical having a single Aximmetry PC rendering and outputting two virtual camera angles simultaneously. In our planned 3 machine setup we would then get 6 cameras/camera angles switchable from a video mixer.

Best regards,