Multi transformation for single object

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I have 3D scene with Table and I need to duplicate this table number of times 

How to do that?

I mean something like this

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You can use instancing.

Add a Manual Instancer to your scene.
Connect your object model to it through an Instanced Node. This will designate the object to be repeated.  Any objects that connected as a child of the Instanced Node will be repeated.

Then add Instance Item modules, as many as you like.
Each of them will represent a copy of your objects and will have an individual Transformation.

Optionally the individual instances also can have different shaders.
For this you have to use Shader Arrays in your object model.

Then each Instance Item can be given a different Shader Index 1 to 8.


Offtopic, but worth mentioning that there are two other types of instancing.

- Serial Instancer, which can generate huge amount of instances based on position vectors of arbitrary number of items.
You can find examples of it in Common\Tutorials\Instancing.

Surface Instancer, which generates the items following the surface of a model and a color map.
One example of it the grass in Common\Tutorials\Misc Samples\Terrain.xcomp.