URGENT: AXIMMETRY DE cannot open cooked project

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The project I've worked on used to be able to run on Aximmetry without any problem but earlier today I recieved this message before axiimetry abort file opening. Any idea to fix this?

[LogWindows] Assertion failed: IsValidIndex(Index) [File:E:\Build2\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Public\Containers/UnrealString.h] [Line: 317] 

[LogWindows] String index out of bounds: Index 27 from a string with a length of 26

The event will be starting soon so I cannot really create a new project for this.

Thank you


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The crash happened because a \ character was at the end of one of your pin name defined in a Get Aximmetry node in an Unreal Blueprint. (probably accidentally)

Removing the character should fix the issue.
Nonetheless, we'll fix this crash in the next release.

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