Recording the Unreal Background, masked billboard and tracking data separately for more post processing?

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Hi guys, I am looking into the possibility of rendering out a project as multiple files so they can be edited in post using another program such as after effects.

I want to set it up in a way where we can record the ue4 backdrop, masked billboard alpha video *including foreground?) and the camera tracking data as 3 separate files, so the project can then be added into after effects for more post processing. is this possible??? if so which is the easiest way to do so. 

Any help is appreciated :)

At the moment we will be setting up using a virtual cam however this will be changed to use a tracked camera in the future.



so far I have discovered that I can expose the masked preview in the camera node, but not sure if this is the right direction?


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Yes, it is all possible.
It seems you are already on the right road with exposing that keyed video. Let us know if you are stuck somewhere.

Also, we have a compound for complex recordings at Common_Studio\Compounds\Record\Record_3-Audio.xcomp

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