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Hi, I have just started using a Panasonic aw-UE100 ptz camera to display augmented reality elements within real environments. I am finding it very difficult to calibrate the virtual scene with the real scene. Since when I pan or tilt the camera, the virtual object shifts a bit with respect to the scene captured by the camera which gives a pretty bad result. 

Any advice on how to adjust both scenes properly?

I am using TrackedCam_AR_Unreal_Prev_3-Cam in aximmetry. 

Could it be a camera calibration problem?

Is there any best practice guide?



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10/17/2021 3:41:03 PM

You need to understand how to get data track from PTZ Cam and then use tools calibrate of Aximmetry. If done you can use AR easy

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10/18/2021 6:18:15 AM

Thank you,

I actually understand how ptz cameras work, and how the PTZ protocol works. I am currently working with the panasonic AW-UE 150 profile that I found in another thread in this forum (My camera is the panasonic AW_UE100 but this profile seems to work correctly) . 

The problem is that when panning my camera, the object does not stay anchored at a fixed point in space, it moves a little in the panning direction. 

I have tried to calibrate my camera. But the Camera calibrator module crashes when I open it. Problem for which aximmetry has not yet given me any solution. 

That's why I was asking if there is any best practice guide or documentation I can follow to solve this problem. 

Thank you very much for your time @cgsports

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10/18/2021 6:39:48 AM


There was something that you had to turn off that double the movement  (search this forum)
also you cant use the file for a UE150 straight in UE100 because they have different sensorsize

this is the sensor size for UE100 given by Panasonic

AW-UE100 is equipped with newly developed 1/2.5-type 4K MOS x 1.

Size is 7,18 x 5,76 mm.

regards markus