Depth of field in virtual studio set

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In most cases should we use depth of field in virtual studio set?

what is recommended setting and how to do that? 

   ahmed ahmed

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In Render_General.xcomp you can find a Depth Of Field module that you can activate and set up.

Unfortunately currently there is no easy way to operate this along with the VirtualCam_A-B* control boards.
In the future we may add an option to store focus distance for A, B positons of the cameras.

Now what you can do is selecting different DOF setting based on the currently select camera.
Current camera number can be accessed via a Transmit Integer module using the SELECTED CAMERA tunnel:


Then you can use a Switch module to choose different DOF settings for e.g.

You can also differentiate based on the individual camera paths using the SELECTED CAMERA PATH 1, 2, 3 tunnels.