Aximmetry DE Cooking Error: uasset was saved with a newer custom version than the current

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I tried to cook the project in unreal editor and got this error.

LogLinker: Error: Package D:/ROV_Final2021/MyProject_State 4.26 - 2/Content/ModSciInteriors/Materials/MI_Floor_A.uasset was saved with a newer custom version than the current. Tag 12F88B9F88754AFCA67CD90C383ABD29 Name 'Dev-Rendering' PackageVersion 45  MaxExpected 44

The project is made with 4.26 and it run completely fine in normal play mode so I'm not sure which of its is a newer version. Any idea on how to fix this?


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It seems MI_Floor_A.uasset is part of a downloaded asset pack. If so, make sure you downloaded the correct 4.26 version of the asset pack. The one you currently have might have been made with Unreal 4.27.

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