NewTek SDI Plugin, cannot be instaled.

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Hello, there!

My problem is the following:

    I want to install a 3r party plugin called "NDI"-from (, followed the instructions from Aximmetry's plugin documentation (, Visual Studio and  Windows 10 SDK are installed as well. 

    I'm using the Aximmetry Community DE - version, with its build UE4 engine for Aximmetry. The plugin matches this version of UE4 (4.26), after trying to install the plugin under Aximmetry -> instal Plugins TAB  I get the following error:

LogAximmetry: Error: Plugin installer: Error: NDIIOPlugin could not be built. UnrealBuildTool exited with 6.

Is it because the community version? I checked the editions of Aximmetry's and the Professional seems to have this feature, is it because of that?

Or is it because I miss something?


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9/18/2021 4:56:17 PM

NDI is supported directly in Aximmetry Professional and Broadcast, no need for any plug-ins.