3 Billboards for Tracked Camera with an Unreal Environment


In a trackedcam project with an Unreal environment, once I am located at Inputs, on Billboard 1A, at PIN VALUES:
How are the Locked Height and Offset X and Y controls used and what are they for?And what is Auto Position for?Is there a way to track the billboard to track the shadow?
Are there possibilities to use 3 billboards at the same time (a, b, c) and that the image is NOT darkened?


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Yes, it is possible to use 3 billboards without the image being darkened.

Billboard 1A is used to mask out things in front of your talents like tables and chairs. You can read more about them and how to use the Locked* properties here: Compositing modes

Also, Auto Position is explained on the same page: Automatic positioning of the billboard

For all this to work, you also need a mask to be connected to your Tracked Camera:

If you want to use 3 billboards with talents on them at the same time and not just 3 billboards in front of them. I suggest using the MixedCam_Unreal_A-B_Preview_3+3-Cam.xcomp compound.