How to set overscan to compensate the lens distortion result?

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I am using a camera with RedSpy and the lens distortion data from RedSpy need to compensate (scale up the output a bit)  to remove the black edge area, how can I do rhis in Aximmetry?



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7/28/2021 10:41:40 AM


To scale up an image you can use a Placer module. Set the Video input and the Out Size, leave everything else default. (you can create black bars around the image with the same module)

You can use Cropper and Cropper Precise to remove the edge.

A side note: doing undistortion will cause slight quality degradation for the camera image. Because of the in some cases we do the opposite: we distort the 3d render according the camera distortion.

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7/29/2021 3:52:59 PM