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How I can arrange number of camera paths to be player sequentially?

For example I need to do the following using cameras control panel :

1-start wide shoot to zoom to talent

2-camera is zoomed on talent face

3-zoom out from talent to show the video wall for example

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11/28/2019 6:58:02 AM

- If you are pleased with 3 point movements you can use a VirtualCam_A-B-C compound.
- If you need completely arbitrary movements then use a sequencer-based VirtualCam_Seq compound.

(You can simply replace your existing VirtualCam module with the desired one by using the Change Import Source operation.)


- Using of the A-B-C is exactly the same as using A-B.

- The sequencer-based compound however is very different.

First of all you do not have the concept of CAM 1, CAM 2 etc. Instead you have 16 general camera paths

For each of them you can specify which billboard(s) are to displayed when the path is active.
On the BILLBOARDS control board you can find a VISIBILITY panel for each camera path.

In this example Billboard 1 is visible on camera path 1 and 2,  and Billboard 2 and 3 is visible on camera path 3.
As you can see there is a separate VISIBILITY FREE panel which specifies the billboards when you switch to the Free camera mode.

The usage of the rest of the BILLBOARDS control board is exactly the same as of A-B.

The camera motion paths themselves can be edited in the Sequence Editor.
If you bring up Sequence Editor (from the View menu or by pressing F4) you'll have a dropdown list in the top right corner containing all the Sequencers found in the compound. The ones named CAMERA 1 .. CAMERA 16 are the ones you can edit the 16 paths with.

Editing of the sequence curves can be done the same way we described in the animation tutorial, please watch it:
Also please watch the previous part of that movie if you're not yet familiar with the editing of the curves,

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1/21/2022 10:50:34 AM


Does this sequencer work with Unreal virtual camera? 
I've browsed through the compounds folder but can't figure how to set this all up. 


Got it! Just followed this article: