import materials dosnt work.

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Sorry I am new  in this program , I just export a studio in DAE format from blender .

But when I try to import shaders  and materials  , it dosent import . 

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7/28/2021 9:36:22 AM


Unfortunately materials were never standardized among all the 3d programs. Because of that in most cases the collada file will not contain the proper material description. We suggest you to NOT import the materials and create them in Aximmetry.
We highly recommend to minimalize the amount of items/objects in your scene by merging objects with the same material to make it less tedious.

Blender uses PBR shader and we also have PBR shader so it should be relatively easy to make a one in one correspondence.
You should generally use the PBR_IBL_Norm_Light. For reflective floors, use the PBR_Mirror_Norm_Light material and for virtual screens, use the PBR_IBL_Norm_Light_Emiss material.

Of course since we have a realtime render you should prebake a few things. Namely lightmaps and environment maps.

Proper documentation about this in on the way.

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