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In an Aximmetry scene with an Unreal environment I see the poster "TEXTURE STREAMING POOL OVER 584 573 MIB BUDGET", how can I make that poster NO more appear?

In Unreal that poster DOES NOT APPEAR.


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7/29/2021 9:30:53 AM


You got this error message because you have a relative small amount of GPU memory compared to the unreal scene that you are trying to load (and edit).

You can stop texture streaming pool memory from running out of the budget by increasing "r.Streaming.PoolSize". The default value of this Unreal Engine setting is related to your computer's video card's VRAM size.

If you set it too high you will however notice lot of weird issues. (heavy slowdown, render issues and even hang up of the whole computer)
By editing the "DefaultEngine.ini" file, which is located in your project's Config folder, you can change the "r.Streaming.PoolSize" for both the Unreal and the Cooked versions of your project.
You can open "DefaultEngine.ini" with a text editor (like Notepad), and by adding the following text you can increase the texture streaming pool memory:
Where "VALUE" is an integer number, we suggest increasing it to 1000 or more. (but not more than half of your GPU memory)

More info about texture streaming can be found here:


Alternatively, you can make a blueprint that runs the "Execute Console Command" function with the command of "DisableAllScreenMessages" at the beginning of your level to disable all screen messages. However, if you are actively working on your project, this may hide messages that you want to see.