Aximmetry as Keyer only

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Hi Guys,

How can I use Aximmetry just as an Keyer?

I´m using the Broadcast Version, my Camera signal come in via SDI and i send it out via SDI.

If I use a Video Input Node connected to a All Keyer Compound and send it out through a Video Output Node, the signal is keyed but the alpha is missing. How can you send out my keyed signal with alpha?

Thank you 


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7/9/2021 10:58:54 AM


You cannot send alpha along with RGB via SDI (it is a limitation of the medium).

For this you have to use a second SDI output.
Separate the two signal using an Alpha Splitter like this:

Alternatively you can use NDI as output, it supports alpha.  For that you have to select the RGBA format when you specify the output mode.