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Hi everyone,

currently I'm working on kind of a "special" setup and I need help.

It's mind boggeling and I'm feeling like I ran into a dead end.

So: I'm working on with the Broadcast SE Edition.

I need a setup with 3 virtual cameras and a tracked camera. The tracked camera is a PTZ used for close ups. I need every camera to be put out for multi-cam-recording / external image mixing.

Each on its own is not a problem. I also managed to put out every camera. BUT.. I cannot use virtual cams properly while using tracked cams and vice versa. I could only asume why and tried donzens of "workarounds".

Is there some way I can fulfill my needs? 



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7/9/2021 1:19:15 PM


For Unreal users we added a MixedCam compound, but unfortunately there is no such thing for SE users yet. We'll consider to add it.

For now what you can try is using TrackedCam 8-camera version.
For cameras 1-3 do not select any tracking device. Instead use the ORIGIN 1,2,3 panel to set up fixed camera positions, and place billboards for them accordingly.  Then you can use the VR PATHs which add additional virtual camere motions  which can be handled very similarly to VirtualCam.

You won't get the exact same thing and there will be limitations, but this is the closest thing you can do at the moment.