Passing an Audio input to an Unreal Engine Blue Print?

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According to the Aximmetry documentation the following data types are supported:

"To pass a value, place a Get Aximmetry TYPE node in a blueprint. TYPE can be any of the supported types: Color, Integer, Logical, Scalar, Text, Transformation, Trigger, Vector and Video. The node will show up in Aximmetry as a pin on the Unreal Project module after you update the pin list. The pin list can be updated by clicking the red chain link button on the Unreal Project module."

I don't see any mention of audio as being a supported data type. Is it possible to send audio input from Aximmetry into an Unreal Engine blueprint? The goal would be to create sound-visualization environments (such as this for music performance videos. 


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7/1/2021 2:23:20 PM


I'm sorry, at the moment there is no way to send audio from Aximmetry to UE.

What is the source of the audio?   If it's coming from an audio input device then you might try to capture it directly in UE.