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we are having trouble with ndi input:

we are using ndi screen capture, we see the input correctly inside aximmetry and everything works fine until we have still images ( like for example the desktop ) the ndi go to no input.

soon as we move somthing on that pc ( and we have moving images/audio) the NDI reconnect again.

in other application the same ndi works fine whitout intteruptions

thank you!


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6/15/2021 5:56:22 AM

This is a known issue with NDI Screen Capture. That application doesn’t send a constant frame rate and will stop sending new frames if there is no movement on the screen. It isn’t directly related to Aximmetry, but the problem is that Aximmetry displays an error message when it doesn’t receive a constant frame rate. You can disable this error message in the settings and change it to show “Last Frame” instead.