Need help getting tracking information from Panasonic AW-Ue 150 PTZ Camera


In the Panasonic PTZ Webinterface we enabled tracking over IP (UDP) 

In the Aximetry Camera Calibrator we get a picture but no tracking information from the camera.

We used the device mapper and selected Free-D and entered the UDP number stated in the Panasonic Web interface.

We noticed however that our PTZ camera has a different IP address then the standard

Our IP Address is: 10.1.#.## Could that be the problem? What are we doing wrong?

This is an urgent request for help since we are in the middle of a production.

Thank you in advance.



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Hi Paul,

Could you please try to turn off the Windows Firewall completely to test if it works that way.

Also is it possible that you set a different camera number for Free-D than the one you selected in Aximmetry?

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Hi Paul.

Did you solve this issue?

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Hi Khammykhoning,

If you can detail your situation, I am sure we can find a solution.
Do you have the same issue of not getting tracking data at all from the Panasonic AW-Ue 150 PTZ Camera? Even after disabling the Windows Firewall completely.

Warmest regards,