Vive Tracker Rotation is wrong?

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I have my VIVE tracker setup with the logo facing up and the LED/USB port facing to the left when viewed from behind the camera.  This gives me the wrong rotation in Aximmetry, pan is fine but tilt causes the Aximmetry camera to roll.

I assume I have to change the forward and right point values in the dialog below to get this to work, but I can't seem to find the right settings and I can't find any documentation on this dialog either.

I managed to make it work if I remount the tracker with the LED facing forward, but that causes me some cable management problems so I'd really like to get it configured so it works when the tracker is mounted with the led facing left.  Can anyone help me with this or point me to some documentation on how to set the values in this dialog?

   Greg Corson

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6/14/2021 7:06:26 AM

+1 to Greg's Question above.

I see the same behaviour. Checking Up rotated is a start, but for me then the tilt directions are inverted, ("Real" Tilt up = Vive Tilt Down, etc).

Mounting the Tracker as "Face forward" is a quick fix, but that does mean a few of the Tracking reflectors are blocked (by the "real" camera and rig), potentially increasing tracking errors.

Are we missing something obvious regards Vive tracker rotation settings?

@Greg - I believe the settings you show are for Master origin setting / offset (See Richard Frantzén's neat video explaing that here And BTW @Greg Thank so much for all your work on Vive / Unreal on your YT channel!

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Greg Corson
6/15/2021 5:05:57 PM

For this I ended up using the settings above and added a 270 degree rotation into the "head transform" which seems to have worked.  But I have another weird problem, scale of the reference grid and markers seems to be off.  This picture is from the calibrator.  I have things setup so I am seeing very little slippage and it agrees with the actual focal length of my lens.  I just did a standing calibration with the HMD where you see it and a tracker on the camera.


1) Shouldn't the HMD be sitting on the center of the red zero square?

2) The floor squares are set to 50cm.  The yellow tape measure is extended to 50cm so you can see the squares are too small.

3) The chair legs are 40cm tall, the markers are set to 40cm also but appear to be too short

4) right hand marker's coordinates are .58, 0,.85, the right is .07 0 .89  When I measure on the floor I end up one small grey square to the left of the red zero square, and a bit more than two small grey squares down from the top edge.

What's wrong here?