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Hello, I have a wierd bug in preview and output. 

I have tracked camera setup with UE. I used basic preset as in documentation called "TrackedCam_Unreal_Prev_3-Cam_3-Billboard".

Input looks fine, keying also works, but since i set up "studio" for cutting out nongreenscreen parts, it stated to flicker in very glithchy/digital way.

I suspect it has to do something with my values of studio settings, which are pretty high, because I need to use 11mm lens and camera needs to be few meters from greenscreen (limitations of my studio).

Anyone has seen anything like this? Any advice would be most needed.



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6/14/2021 5:43:12 PM

Seriously check it out, I cant get rid of after 2 days of pain:

"Studio" setting:


and "Final" output:


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7/1/2021 2:19:10 PM


The scaling of the Studio mask seems to be off.
Please note that one square of the pattern represents a half meters. You set the floor and all the walls too far.
Normally the floor have to remain at zero  (your origin of you tracking system should lie on the studio floor).

The flickering is indeed a rendering issue, but it's most likely because of the unusual scaling. If you redo the setup with the proper scaling it will go away.