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Hello Aximmetry

Today, we tried Robycam with FreeD tracking data and got issue as below.

- Unfortunately, Robycam setup doesn't show up which port used for FreedUDP. So we have to check all the UDP ports and finally found 5353 as Aximmetry log shows "Opening device CameraTracking: FreeDUDP:5353".

- But after above message, "CameraTracking: FreeDUDP:5353 cannot bind to; one socket address usable(actually it is Korean so I translate it)".

Does anyone knows why this happen?

Thanks in advance.



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6/3/2021 3:06:21 PM

How can I delete my post?

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6/11/2021 9:35:45 AM

Hi Bruce,

In the POSTS list you should have a REMOVE POST beside your own posts.

Have you solved the UDP port problem?
If not please describe it again what you did,  because I'm not sure I understand correctly. Thank you!

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6/15/2021 6:44:51 AM

Hi Zoltan

When I tried as your instruction, "Access Denied" show up and never delete it.

By the way, my mistake was in UDPport:cam#.

I assigned cam# as cam0 I just thought it might start from "0".

When I change it to cam1, it worked.