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Hi Aximmetry Team,

I'm experimenting with an UE Tracked Cam Augmented Reality setup. I got two questions:

1) DOF is not working. I tried a manual setup and the glassmark encorders. The values for "Cam Focus" are going into the "Control Data"-node, but there is no visible focus shift. Does the AR setup not support DOF?

2) In my scenario I'm using a lens distortion JSON file and  fixed focallenght. But I want control my focus via the glassmark encoder. But when I activate "Manuel Lens" to access the JSON file, the zoom AND the focus data get excluded. See below my idea to make it work. Is there a better way? 


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6/10/2021 5:22:59 PM


1) I'm sorry, DOF is not supported in AR at the moment. We might add it in the future.

2) Yes, Manual Lens takes over everything, which makes sense from a certain point of view. But I think your solution is perfect for this scenario (except that it won't work for AR...).

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7/14/2022 11:16:28 AM

Any news on this topic? Is there any workaround in Unreal to enable DOF in AR Mode?

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7/22/2022 8:25:35 AM

Hi Achim,

There is no DOF in AR yet.
A simple workaround is that you just blur the whole rendered image in Aximmetry. This can work if your AR object's geometry are at the same distance from the camera:

Note reflections and shadows are not blurred in the above screenshot, you might also want to blur those if you use them. And you might even want to use different radius blur on them.

Also, there are more complex blur effects that come in the compound form at [Common]:Compounds\Effects\

Warmest regards,